The Agents United Platform has its roots in the scientific community. The overview paper about this platform is the following:

  • Tessa Beinema*, Daniel Davison*, Dennis Reidsma*, Oresti Banos, Merijn Bruijnes, Brice Donval, Álvaro Fides Valero, Dirk Heylen, Dennis Hofs, Gerwin Huizing, Reshmashree B. Kantharaju, Randy Klaassen, Jan Kolkmeier, Kostas Konsolakis, Alison Pease, Catherine Pelachaud, Donatella Simonetti, Mark Snaith, Vicente Traver, Jorien van Loon, Jacky Visser, Marcel Weusthof, Fajrian Yunus, Hermie Hermens+, and Harm op den Akker+ (2021). "Agents United: An Open Platform For Multi-Agent Conversational Systems", in IVA '21: Proceedings of the 21st ACM International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents, pp 17-24. (*Shared first authors, +shared last authors.)

On the two pages linked below, we provide an overview of scientific publications that descibe individual components in the platform, and research performed during development of the platform.